SDGs: Student Focused Impacters @ IHB

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Minds Matter

Minds Matter




Mission: We created Komera, in rural Rwanda, to assist girls who have the courage and desire to pursue secondary education, but who lack the resources to do so. As a leadership incubator, we invest in inspired young women taking action towards self-empowerment. We create the space for shared experience, education, and leadership training, and we use sport as a tool to empower and connect people around the world.

Komera The sustainable development goals (SDG) are interconnected; we cannot solve one issue without addressing the others. At Komera, we believe in a holistic approach to development that targets the various needs of our community providing a web of support. We target poverty, SDG #1, by supporting the most marginalized in our community. We select female scholars to join our program that would not be able to attend secondary school due to the high costs associated with teacher fees, uniforms, transportation, and other financial barriers. We integrate families in our programs through the Komera Guardian Co-operative, which unites Komera families and gives them tools to lift themselves and their communities out of poverty.

DSC02606We provide comprehensive scholarships to make quality education accessible to young women in rural Rwanda, addressing SDG #4. We invest in the whole girl by supplementing traditional education with trainings based on life skills, leadership and gender specific issues. Health, SDG #3, has been a growing focus for Komera as we further integrate sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) into our programs. Scholars discuss SRHR with trained mentors while at school and engage in honest dialogue about SRHR at Komera Leadership summits.

DSC02512Lastly, we know that investing in gender equality is not only better for women it is better for everyone. By investing in young women, their education, their health, their goals we can reduce gender inequality, SDG #5, and simultaneously reduce child marriages, teenage pregnancy, gender based violence and sexual assault as well as poverty. Komera believes we can achieve sustainable development goals if we work side by side with our community partners and focus on deep impact.

Thinking Beyond Borders

At Thinking Beyond Borders, we run gap year programs for students to learn about issues of international development first-hand, by traveling to countries in the Global South and engaging in fieldwork, cultural exchange and rigorous academic study. TBB students work alongside local teachers, farmers, and community health practitioners in Latin America, Asia, and Africa to learn how local leaders are addressing issues of education, sustainable agriculture, and public health in their communities. TBB students are engaged in work that broadly speaking promote SDGs # 2, 3 and 4. The key question TBB students are asked to explore during the program is: What Is Development? The SDGs provide a helpful reference point for how the UN and other international institutions might answer this question and contribute to mainstream development discourse.